Naples, Italy

Did this really happen? I am still pinching myself. My father lost his wife a few months ago, and has since decided to live life to the fullest. So, when he invited me to visit my brother in Naples, well, that's a no brainer, of course I went! My brother is a Commander in the Navy, and is currently stationed in Naples. He had a few days off, so we were all able to hang out the whole week together. Late lunches with the best pizza, and wine, followed by exploring the narrow stone streets, the culture, the castes, and the coffee bars. Late dinners with risotto, and I can't tell you how awesome the buffalo mozzarella is - on a whole different level. My favorite memories are spending time with my family and my brother's lovely wife Gizella, as well as seeing my dad flirt with the hotel bartender - Fortuna. He fell hard - she may have also had he been 30 years younger. Can't wait to go back.